When is the right time?

In today’s business environment, even small businesses can benefit from an in-house or cloud based server. Servers can be implemented with your budget in mind whether you are a shop of 4 employees or 500.  A server can allow for growth while giving you the security needed in a constantly evolving IT landscape.

Over 80% of businesses have experienced unexpected and very costly downtime and have no viable way of recovering from a disaster or outage.

No matter the size of your business, a server is essential in assisting your employees to collect and share data – even on the road utilizing mobile devices.  There are many options available that work with your space restrictions, number of employees and budget.

Global Edge is aligned with all the top vendors:  Lenovo, HP, and Dell.  We will assess your requirements and provide the latest technology to get you on the right path.  All of these servers have a small footprint available, as well as expansion for when your business grows.

While many companies have used a hybrid approach with in-house and cloud based servers, this isn’t for all. When doing a cost analysis, some small business owners couldn’t justify the cost of cloud servers and found that purchasing new server equipment had a better ROI.

Global Edge will work with you to ensure that whatever your decision is, we will provide the best solution for your business.