User Communication & Collaboration

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Global Edge has many different options for business employees looking to communicate and collaborate within their work environment. Today’s workforce is filled with varying schedules, remote locations and many devices. Now more than ever teams require communication systems that quickly and effectively allow groups to get business done together, regardless of the location of their devices.

Unified Communication…

Global Edge offers solutions when users need to communicate in an easy, effective method:

  • Stop spending time and resources managing multiple vendors for Email, instant messaging and video conferencing
  • Provide a solid solution that allows users to work seamlessly together on projects, day to day activities, meetings and more
  • Bring users together for video conferencing, utilizing Skype for Business
  • Works across devices – desktop, mobile and tablet

Advantages of Collaboration…

Global Edge offers customized options:

  • Helps drive business success
  • Secure, accessible portals where clients and employees share data and information
  • Utilize Microsoft Azure and Office 365
  • Utilize Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud for seamless, secure data sharing and versioning
  • Utilize real-time co-authoring in o365 Word 2016 meaning multiple people can work on a file at once
  • Easily set up groups in o365 Outlook that keeps all group members in the loop about ongoing discussions
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