Data Security

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With the increasing sophistication of threats and the rise of hackers eager to breach the security of IT systems and applications, Global Edge can help you ensure that your organizations data is safe and secure within data security facilities located in Calgary, Alberta and/or Western Canada. We can provide IT safeguards to mitigate risk and protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data.

Client information, payment information, personnel files, bank account details – all this information can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.  Global Edge can help your organization identify the risks and what could happen if valuable data is lost through theft, malware infection or a system crash.

Areas of Vulnerability

  • Physical threats such as fire, power outage, theft or malicious damage
  • Malware, viruses and phishing
  • Corporate espionage and other malicious activity
  • Who has access to what data
  • Internet and email systems and how each are accessed
  • Passwords and how they will be maintained
  • Properly training the staff and enforcing data security

Mitigate the Risk

There are a number of options for locking down your organizations data, from hardware mechanisms to software solutions.  Global Edge can help you determine the best options for your company.

  • Install Firewalls, Web Filters and Spam Filters
  • Ensure that there is a corporate anti-virus/anti-malware solution
  • Create internal policies to prohibit users from gaining access to data they shouldn’t, both internal and on the internet
  • Corporate password protocols
  • Perform regular software and firmware updates

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The purpose of a data security management program is to estimate and reduce risks and understand how security mechanisms and IT safeguards minimize risk and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. We can provide you with optimum data security, Calgary.