Onedrive Security Features & Review

One drive security assessment

Onedrive Security Features & Review

Does Onedrive come with reliable security?

All Onedrive users are extended both two factor authentication and also the ability to access Personal Vault which will further safeguard data with a variety of settings for added protection.  Encryption is offered to all users but it’s not considered impenetrable as data transfer can expose holes in Microsoft’s security network. Data can also be accessed by regulators by way of subpoena or by Microsoft employees. This also leaves patches for rogue actors to attempt infiltration and being that Onedrive is so widely used it’s not recommended as a stand-alone product for business enterprise unless supplemented with Microsoft 365 security by our team of cybersecurity experts, Fortinet professionals and certified network administrators. 

How does Personal Vault work?

Personal Vault is an added security feature which requires additional identity verification measures. Generally speaking a copy of identification needs to be provided to access data and the vault also becomes automatically locked after a set period of time should there be inactivity.  Personal vault features 256-bit AES (advanced encryption standard) and can be added to any Onedrive account with the appropriate change in settings and authorization.  We recommend familiarizing yourself with applicable settings before initiating One Drive to avoid upset or mistaken data loss.

How does Onedrive compare to Google Drive when it comes to security?

The security features nearly mirror each other for both platforms with two factor authentication and what is considered weak encryption which many consider inadequate for enterprise data security.  The encryption offered is not considered end to end and there are moments when data can be intercepted.  Onedrive offers 256-bit AES whereas Google Drive offers 128-bit AES. Added assurance can be offered by corporate cloud security measures that protect your data at all times, especially during transfer when security can be intermittent or at the mercy of internet connect speed/reliability.  There is slightly more protection offered from hackers on either platform but your data can be accessed by employees of either corporation or by government officials if a request is sent to a privacy officer or other data protection specialist. 

Our Onedrive review rating and summary:

We give Onedrive a 7/10, they have had many security improvements since initiation in 2007.  Two factor authentication was a massive boost to their consumer confidence ratings as previous to that, it was almost simple for hackers to steal data.  Microsoft has added threat/intrusion notifications and personal vault to act as another layer of security but again it does not provide full coverage all user demographics.  Businesses need an improved monitoring system for threats along with a safety net which can prevent a data breach.

The reason for our average rating is that this cloud storage product does not suit the needs of everyone.  There are gaps in users they can safely accommodate particularly with large corporate clients who have critical data storage requirements and obligations.  Before looking at Onedrive, Microsoft 365 or any application please contact us to assess your security concerns and to act as a safeguard to identify weaknesses before you are targeted.

How can your business enterprise security be improved?

For cloud data storage, a cybersecurity assessment is recommended.  From here we can suggest additional measures to keep your cloud as safe as possible.  Some of these suggestions may include using another cloud storage provider that relies on a higher level of encryption or we can suggest supplementary/complimentary software to add on to Onedrive.  Many corporations are also supplementing or totally switching to Sharepoint as a solution to the deficiencies that come with Onedrive and for ease of collaboration.  We provide support and security services for all Microsoft products.  

We can assess all types of storage and are not limited to Onedrive, we provide full coverage for businesses of all sizes.  All of our recommendations will be regulatory compliant and come with certified cybersecurity professional, support.