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Network security is paramount to your operations

In the modern digital age, there is nothing more important than keeping your network secure.  Often, malicious attacks both externally and even internally will prompt a cybersecurity consultation.  Proactive data and systems managers will take the initiative to arrange for a network security evaluation well before any attack or loss.  The skilled team at Global Edge takes a sophisticated approach to your network health concerns and our extensive client base in Calgary and Western Canada would agree.  Contact us for a no obligation assessment and solutions to all your cybersecurity requirements for businesses of all sizes.

How is your network health?

Calgary’s trusted cybersecurity professionals

Data security has become a top priority, globally.  With ransomware, data breach, malware, phishing, exposed/hidden vulnerabilities, keyloggers and targeted attacks a simple evaluation of your network security can prevent massive financial losses and damage to your valuable reputation.  Our certified administrators can rapidly locate any network liabilities and repair them.  Coupled with network support, maintenance and scheduled updates, a layer of security will protect your digital assets and thwart any attempt to intrude. 

Types of hacks

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While dependent on the size, public visibility and revenue of your organization, it’s safe to assume any business with an online presence today is at risk of an attack. Ransomware is in the media spotlight currently and takes a multi-pronged approach to penetrate networks that, in some cases have outdated, malformed or derelict security barriers in place. Cutting edge software and hardware technology implemented by an accredited network security specialist can fortify your network and block ransomware attacks.

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Data Breach

Data breach is also gaining public awareness and unfortunately, ire towards the businesses that neglect cybersecurity. Lawsuits are regularly brought forward against these irresponsible companies. Data theft, even on a small scale is a crime. Private and confidential data, whether acquired through physical theft, electronic duplication or skimming can bring damming consequences for any victims.

phishing prevention


Preventing intercepted, spoofed or disguised communications is another area of focus for our existing clients and where we can help your organization! Phishing falls under this category. We can recommend tools, policy and procedure to eliminate any attempts and even automatically screen then, appropriately filter through all of your organization’s digital communications to remove stress from basic tasks like catching up on emails for your workforce.

Threat management solutions

We are Fortinet Network Security Experts and have vast knowledge of, and work experience with Fortinet solutions.  We carry multiple cybersecurity and networking administration certifications to have your network security completely covered from firewalls to email security.  Our unified approach will not only prevent financial losses but also network and device downtime, increasing productivity and reliability, leaving a lasting impression as a trusted business to grow your clientele. 

Compliance & Planning

Multi Factor Authentication

Email Security

Security Awareness Training

Cloud Security

Securing remote networks for employees during the pandemic and beyond

Work from home should not carry additional risks and in the COVID era, unnecessary duties can be carried on the shoulders of already overloaded personnel.  Allow our team to create a personalized security package for each of your team members and assist with setup both on-site and remote, as required.  Depending on the level of security needed, we have the expertise and experience learned in the “new normal” of the pandemic to make recommendations that completely reinforce and shield a remote employee.  A simple VPN (virtual private network) may not be enough today for complete peace of mind.  We can present all available options to modernize and secure your remote network. 

Our adherence to public health guidelines and flawless safety record are why we are the choice of business owners throughout Calgary and Western Canada.  This includes wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer.  We carry liability, WCB and E&O insurance for our on-site visits, to further reduce risk to our valued clients.  Choose a network support provider who meets the highest safety standards, industrywide.

Magnified code penetration testing

Cybersecurity solutions you can trust

Internal IT management is often not feasible for small to medium sized businesses, outsourcing brings potential pitfalls and fear.  Look for these criteria when selecting a cybersecurity professional:

Not all network security technicians will meet the above criteria, trust that Global Edge has professionals available that meet or exceed these guidelines. Learn today why our diverse, satisfied clients continue to select us for all their IT security needs. 

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