IP Surveillance

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Global Edge is partnered with the leaders in IP Surveillance equipment in Calgary, Alberta, and the whole of Western Canada.  We can provide professional services to all businesses as well as training and ongoing support.  When building a surveillance system, it is important to select cameras that meet the needs of your organization.  Global Edge can recommend the right solution for your company.

Security with IP Surveillance

Global Edge can provide senior system engineers, certified with all the leading vendors to:

  • Do an onsite site survey and provide the best possible solution for your requirements
  • End to end installation of all equipment and cabling requirements
  • Train in-house employees on the use of the equipment
  • Monthly management and ongoing support

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  • High level security for peace of mind
  • Customized levels of retention on NVR or other external storage devices
  • Mobile application easily installed on any iPhone or Android device for always on security eye
  • 24/7 Alerts for security breaches
  • High resolution digital images required for policy intervention

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