How to Prepare your Business for Cyber Attacks Resulting from Russia Ukraine Crisis

One drive security assessment

A new era of cyberwarfare

For many years, Russia has been known to harbour malicious actors who undertake endless cyber Attacks on North American digital property.  From industrial plants, medical facilities and education institutions, nothing of off limits for these highly skilled, rogue operators.  Even after instructions from Russian government to handover any cybercriminals these black hat hackers continue to prey on unprepared businesses and public companies.  It’s safe to assume that nothing can stop them, only to have a comprehensive plan or be prepared to lose all your digital assets.  A plan initiates with a cybersecurity assessment, whether it be network security, cloud security or application security we are the comprehensive solution to fear over Russian cyberwarfare.

Complacency will expose your security vulnerabilities

Despite reports that anticipated cyberattacks have not materialized, this news is by no means, justification to let down your guard.   Russian has been known to be a dishonest regime, destroying Western interests with multiple, documented losses and past attempts.  Perhaps that worst piece of information in all this is that there are several skilled programmers waiting for the call from Putin to start attacks.  It’s believed that these attacks could be the next stage of warfare, even Jarome Powell, chairman of the federal reserve gave the ominous warning last year that cyberattacks are the greatest threat to the global financial system.  Furthermore, these IT professionals could also go rogue for their own financial benefit.  Now, more than ever is not a time to ignore your cyberhealth, especially SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) contact us for more information.

Staying ahead of cyber hazards

Lowering your risk of attack and improving cyber hygiene all comes in preparation and response.  Testing your disaster response plan and also running through potential scenarios are steps that a proactive organization can take to ensure protection. This allows all employees and managers to understand instructions and implement the plan rapidly and without fail.  In the unfortunate event that you have succumb to intrusion we also offer disaster recovery and business continuity services to help you salvage digital property and start over.

Russian hacker assumed appearance
Incentives available to help businesses improve or add cybersecurity

There are a number of government incentives, grants and programs available today to assist with your security enhancement.  The National Research Council Canada has funding available for eligible firms.  There is also the Canada Digital Adoption Program that was created to help small and medium-sized businesses adopt new digital tools.  Check to see if your business qualifies in the links provided above to improve your cybersecurity posture.

Stateside there are also programs available to assist businesses with their cybersecurity needs.  Emerging small businesses can benefit from a new pilot program to bolster cybersecurity infrastructure.  Additional cybersecurity grants can be found in the United States on the website.  Simply search by the keyword cybersecurity.  Global Edge 2020 Inc. is a worldwide provider of information technology security services.

The bottom line when it comes to cybersec.

A recent article by the Harvard Business Review may have summed it up best “… if you are just now evaluating your cyber posture, you are probably too late. Effective cyber defense is a long game requiring sustained strategic investment, not a last-minute bolt-on.”  This poignant quote should resonate deeply with readers, investment in cybersecurity is the most valuable spending that a business can make and it’s across the board from single employee, sole proprietors to corporations with hundreds of thousands of employees.