Why HYBRID Cloud is often the best solution

Why Hybrid Cloud is often the best solution….

Cloud technologies are not an all-or-nothing decision nor a one size fits all. We can assist you in formulated the best plan for your business.


On-Premise, Private Cloud and Public Cloud

On-premise data storage enables full customization and more control, which is ideal for mission critical applications. This will provide the self-service, automation, agility and efficiency for your business.
A private cloud, managed by a third-party provider offers dedicated infrastructure for individual clients. This can provide the scalability, customization and control required for your workloads. This can also provide the needed agility and security your business requires.

A public cloud, like Microsoft Azure, can offer global reach, on-demand scalability at a fairly low cost. Customization if limited which may be of concern to certain businesses.

Why 3 Clouds are better than one

In understanding the value of a hybrid solution, take a look at how certain application considerations affect your choices:

  1. Latency – speed at which you are able to send and receive data from an application will dictate where your application should reside. This is extremely important when an application requires low latency, and faster data transfer. On-premise would be recommended in these scenarios.
  2. Customization – consider the nature of an application, its hardware requirements and the need for customization in meeting business goals. If high levels of customization are required, the public cloud will not be an option. A private cloud would be a better solution to achieve all your business requirements.
  3. Data Security and Compliance – Government compliance and internal regulations may control where data can reside. When deciding on a hybrid solution, all these factors should be considered.

We recommend the HYBRID approach to finding the best possible solution for each business. Call to speak to one of our experts to find out the best fit for your business.