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Cloud Security Services

Is your organization struggling to address security challenges?

Global Edge has an award-winning record of impeccable service over decades of combined cybersecurity excellence to all of Western Canada.  We bring proven business ethics, trusted credentials and discipline to the world of cybersecurity. 


Our multiple cloud solutions with ironclad management create a tangible security posture to dissuade attacks.  Simply put, a malicious operator will seek out a vulnerable target and not waste a second attempting to unlock and pilfer your assets.   Allow us to craft a substantial security presence that deters both external and internal intrusion.

Security on all cloud platforms with regulatory compliance

Calgary’s trusted cybersecurity professionals

We provide responsive results to all cloud security concerns and liaise with various stakeholders, both public and private regulatory agencies for end to end cybersecurity services.  Navigation through regulatory policy is something your organization should not have to tackle.  Our team has the experience to find security solutions, for what may hinder your operations and negatively impact productivity.

Cloud based intrusion detection


Our cloud engineers offer 24/7 security monitoring to identify and block attacks along with alerts when vulnerabilities are discovered, all remotely.  We can scale our services to match your organization’s growth through a variety of cloud options, for instance private or hybrid cloud.  Protection of your cloud connections, access and applications is our passion and will allow you to bring the focus back to cultivating a business with a strong reputation for security. 

Cloud security consulting

Our certified cloud management team will quickly identify your cloud platform currently in place and optimize that framework to work seamlessly with your workforce.


An in-depth, multi-faceted approach back by years of cloud computing experience and qualifications to identify security concerns through penetration testing.

Using both our identification and assessment findings we will recommend, procure, migrate to and implement a cloud solution that covers your organization’s needs. 

Our world class cloud security programs manage all aspects of your cloud computing requirements, from the ground up.  For businesses of all sizes.

Securing the cloud for employees during the pandemic and beyond

Work from home should not carry additional risks and in the COVID era, preventable duties can be carried on the shoulders of already burdened personnel.  Allow our team to create a personalized security plan for each of your team members and assist with setup both on-site and remote, as required.  Depending on the level of security needed, we have the expertise and experience learned in the “new normal” of the pandemic to make recommendations that completely reinforce and shield a remote employee.  A simple VPN (virtual private network) may not be enough today for complete peace of mind.  We can present all available options to modernize and secure your remote network. 


Our adherence to public health guidelines and flawless safety record are why we are the choice of business owners throughout Calgary and Western Canada.  This includes wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer.  We carry liability, WCB and E&O insurance for our on-site visits, to further reduce risk to our valued clients.  Choose a network support provider who meets the highest safety standards, industrywide.

The Global Edge Difference

We take a holistic approach to your cloud security through implementation, advisory and managed services provided by certified cloud professionals.  We can provide cloud threat awareness training to your employees and integrate with your security team to provide augmented operations support on a 24/7 basis to keep your organization lightyears ahead of security risks.

Uninterrupted security assessment

Use a dedicated, intuitive console to monitor and examine all security configurations, resources, and services throughout your public clouds.

Innovative data loss prevention

Pinpoint and protect sensitive data stored in your clouds as well as supervise and control data in motion between cloud services – augmenting visibility into cloud native audit logs, VPC flow logs and additional data sources.

Internal threat protection

Reveal and impede threats and data loss from malicious insiders using an exclusive combination of API-enabled and inline controls.

Advanced threat protection

Utilize multi-layer threat exposure including static and dynamic anti-virus scanning, anti-malware, Fortinet’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), experiential analysis, sandboxing analysis and more, to expose elusive and advanced attacks.

Real time inline visibility and control

Monitor and protect all your cloud resources in real time using cutting edge controls that identify and restrict access amongst managed and unmanaged services.

Secure access to company assets

Secure access to digital assets within all your clouds using multi factor authentication (MFA) and Fortinet’s zero trust access (ZTA) capabilities to diminish public exposure of private properties.

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Do not allow a crisis to motivate your cloud security implementation. 

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