Cloud Storage Solutions

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Global Edge has many different options for businesses looking to expand their cloud storage capabilities. Cloud storage is a popular option for small to medium sized businesses as an alternative to adding and maintaining more storage in-house. We can help you find the right solution for your business in Western Canada.

Enterprise Ready …

Global Edge offers managed cloud storage solutions when organizations require:

  • Expansion to augment in-house server storage capabilities
  • Offer fully managed server, storage services
  • Part of a Hybrid Cloud solution
  • Each Enterprise cloud storage solution is powered by either Hyper-V or VMware technology for a virtual environment
  • Available for a monthly fee
  • Expandable when requirements increase
  • Global Edge provides 24/7 support, monthly and weekly maintenance packages

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Global Edge offers customized options:

  • Delivers features faster by providing users with on-demand, self-service access to infrastructure
  • Enhanced security of dedicated, hybrid network, compute and storage layers
  • Customize dedicated compute, storage and networking components to best suite each companies requirements
  • Gain performance advantages over public cloud, with dedicated resources for each company