Cabling Solutions for Calgary & Western Canada

Global Edge is the elite team of certified network cabling installers.  From structured cabling solutions and everything in between. Our range of services includes data, voice, security cameras (CCTV & IP) and much more.  Whether you are looking for custom cabling infrastructure from your operation expanding, downsizing or server room planning and integration, Global Edge offers complete, dependable and timely solutions to all sizes of businesses in Calgary and throughout Western Canada. 

Structured Cabling

Calgary’s trusted network wiring and data cabling professionals

Our wide range of IT services is complemented by structured cabling services. All our projects are executed with planning and precision, leaving a clean and organized installation that adds to the reliability of your data cabling infrastructure.  Our goal is to connect all work areas of your occupied space for seamless and hassle-free data transmission.  Great care is taken on each of our individualized projects from planning to final inspection, here is our distinctive trademarks:


Organization is what separates us from our competitors. Our cable fastening techniques are industry leading to prevent safety hazards. We also carry both WCB and liability insurance with an accident free claims record.


We identify extra, unneeded cables in your network cabling infrastructure and remove them at the discretion of our clients to avoid bulky appearance.


Modern cabling techniques like colour coding cables, cabling diagrams, custom cable trays and fasteners are all what separate us from the competition. Our visual cabling guides help to rapidly identify issues when troubleshooting or for ease when adding additional equipment.

Award Winning

Our award-winning server room or cabinet setups are the cleanest installations in Western Canada. Disorganized, damaged, crushed, crimped or bent cables are a sign of uncertified technicians and can impact performance and connectivity.

Network Cabling

Your network cabling architecture and flawless operation is our priority. 

As network cabling installers we have seen the advancement in cabling technology from Cat1 all the way up to Cat8 and everything in between. Our skilled technicians can select the optimal cable for your needs, completely design the cabling layout and install in accordance with the highest safety standards, industry wide.  Below are the network cabling solutions we provide:

Structured data cabling



Security Cameras


Server room & data centre cabling

Fibre optic installation

Microsoft Windows networking and server product integration

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Low Voltage Cabling

Low voltage communications cabling is generally considered the gold standard for safety as it does not carry the same fire hazard as higher voltage cabling.  Remarkably most ethernet cabling will only transmit up to 12 volts while some power over ethernet devices will be under 50 volts.  We specialize in low voltage cabling installation and can help to guide you through the process of selecting the right cabling for your needs.  Contact us today for a quote at 403-266-5238 / 1-888-226-3910

Network Cabling Installation

Data Cabling

Office data communications are crucial to your daily operations, our data cabling networks and infrastructure services are world class.  Data cabling networks often require custom cable trays and routing solutions and ours are unmatched!  We have small, medium and large-scale clients, from sole proprietors to nationwide corporations.  We have worked on entire office floor projects in skyscrapers and small office spaces to provide data cabling for our valued clients who often return for all their future data cabling and IT needs.

Security Cameras

We specialize in the installation of both closed-circuit television (CCTV) and internet protocol (IP) cameras.  To learn more about surveillance cameras, see our blog entry on what is IP surveillance all about? We can provide both consultation and installation services, we are happy to assist with selection of the best security camera system for your requirements.  We can also secure any video recordings with both cloud and physical data backups allowing for dependable security that can be easily accessed.  Contact us for a security camera consult and quotation.

security camera installation