Application Security

Application Security

Application security consulting services

We are the pioneers of application security in Calgary and Western Canada. Our onboarding process and assessments help businesses of all sizes to identify and build security into their software development cycles.  Offering a completely scalable blueprint to match your growth, our managed services facilitate software governance and compliance, from initiation to end of life.

AppSec program strategy

Calgary’s trusted cybersecurity professionals

Many clients will come to us not knowing where to begin.  They want to market a software product/application that meets today’s strict privacy requirements but is also secure and will continue to be that way.  We have the managed security expertise to guide you in the final stages of your app development to full maturity of the project.  We’ll integrate with your team to provide on-going security support, an area where many app development projects fall short, become targeted and lose consumer confidence along with distribution platform approval. 

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Application Security Testing

Penetration testing is the gold standard today but without static and dynamic security analysis, oversights are possible.  Moreover, a vulnerability in your network can also transmit threats through your entire organization.  Global Edge provides network and cloud security in combination with application security for end to end coverage.   We are the, trusted and economical choice for our loyal clients in Calgary as on-site visit premiums, when required are kept low.  Rely on our application security services to promote business innovation through bulletproof software security combined with ongoing vulnerability assessment and remediation.

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Microsoft 365 Security Review

Taking action to secure the entire Microsoft 365 workspace is vital as your cloud footprint grows. Identify where the security cracks are in your Microsoft cloud environment and receive a roadmap for correction that exceeds Microsoft’s best cybersecurity practices.

Managed 365 Security

Fortify your digital Microsoft 365 products before relying on blanket solutions before you are taken advantage of.  Reliance solely on Microsoft for updates and security often leaves opportunity for attacks.  The Global Edge team of certified network and cloud administrators have the tools and experience to make your 365 products impenetrable. 

A recent hack of a Microsoft email product may have exposed thousands of victims.  Sadly, all of those impacted did not have active, qualified third-party managed security of their 365 email application.  The cybersecurity contractor who discovered the attack prompted Microsoft to assess and rapidly update applications to close any vulnerability loopholes.  Application security provides unmatched value when a dedicated team is contracted to prevent losses every second of the day.

Remote workers rely on Microsoft 365 more than ever before

Work from home should not carry further risks and in the COVID era, preventable duties can be carried on the shoulders of already encumbered personnel.  Allow our team to create a personalized security plan for each of your team members and assist with setup both on-site and remote, as required.  Depending on the level of security needed, we have the expertise and skill, learned in the “new normal” of the pandemic to make recommendations that completely reinforce and safeguard a remote employee.  A simple VPN (virtual private network) may not be enough today for complete peace of mind.  Reliance on Microsoft for all your application security is fraught with risk.  We can present all available options to modernize and secure your remote workforce. 


Our adherence to public health guidelines and flawless safety record are why we are the choice of business owners throughout Calgary and Western Canada.  This includes wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer.  We carry liability, WCB and E&O insurance for our on-site visits, to further reduce risk to our valued clients.  Choose a network support provider who meets the highest safety standards, industrywide.

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