Your IT infrastructure is crucial to the success of your organization. Whether you need to improve your current network to ensure more efficient use of hardware, or require a disaster...

User Experience

Global Edge can assist you in business transformation, by integrating productivity tools and platforms that work together to..

Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed services simplify IT operations and reduce investment by delivering systems and applications as an externally administered service. They provide organizations with predictable monthly costs, access to best-of-breed IT and...

cloud it solutions


From taking the business to remote locations to making collaboration easier, Cloud IT is changing the face of modern, small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. And Calgary is...

business applications


Global Edge has experienced, certified technicians that can assist businesses with most of the major applications available. These are some of the applications we support for a variety of clients.

Procurement & Licensing


Global Edge provides both Procurement and Licensing assistance to our clients. We provide the best possible pricing for both hardware and software purchases. We understand that purchasing new equipment and...

Data Security


With the increasing sophistication of threats and the rise of hackers eager to breach the security of IT systems and applications, Global Edge can help you ensure that your organizations...


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) 

UCaaS is a cloud-based communication platform that gives businesses the ability to have unified communications with their employees. It’s essentially a virtual communication system, and it’s ideal for small businesses who need an easy-to-use solution to communicate with their employees but don’t have the resources or staff to maintain a traditional phone system. With UCaaS, …

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Zero Trust: A Model for More Effective Security

Forrester Research analyst John Kindervag came up with the zero trust network model in 2010 while a principal analyst at the firm. It is now twelve years later that corporate leaders worldwide are increasingly embracing zero trust as the technologies that facilitate it reaches the mainstream. The pressure to protect enterprise systems and data increases, …

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How to Prepare your Business for Cyber Attacks Resulting from Russia Ukraine Crisis

A new era of cyberwarfare For many years, Russia has been known to harbour malicious actors who undertake endless cyber Attacks on North American digital property.  From industrial plants, medical facilities and education institutions, nothing of off limits for these highly skilled, rogue operators.  Even after instructions from Russian government to handover any cybercriminals these …

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Onedrive Security Features & Review

Onedrive Security Features & Review Does Onedrive come with reliable security? All Onedrive users are extended both two factor authentication and also the ability to access Personal Vault which will further safeguard data with a variety of settings for added protection.  Encryption is offered to all users but it’s not considered impenetrable as data transfer …

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